Adjustable Props – Size 0 to size 4
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Able to be adjusted to a variety of heights, the Adjustable Prop is a versatile tool that is indispensable to anyone working in the trade and are a popular form of construction equipment commonly used as a temporary support during building or repair work.

Size 0 props – closed: 1.04m or 3ft5” – Open to : 1.82m or 6ft”

Size 1 props – closed: 1.75m or 5ft9 – open to :3.12m or 10ft 3″

Size 2 props – closed: 1.98m or 6ft 6″ – open to : 3.35m or 11ft

size 3 props – closed: 2.59m or 8ft6 – open to: 3.96m or 13ft

size 4 props – closed: 3.2m or 10ft 6 – open to: 4.87m or 16ft